Rare copy of first Superman's comic book, sold for $6 million

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Photo from: Heritage Auctions
A 1938 comic book where Superman was first introduced has sold for $6 million equivalent to P339.5 million in an auction held in Dallas.
This copy of the comic becomes "the World's Most Expensive Comic Book." It surpassed the former record comic sale of "Amazing Fantasy No. 15," sold on the same auction at $3.6 million.
Texas-based Heritage Auctions said that the 1938 rare copy of Action Comics No. 1 was sold to an anonymous buyer. As of this writing there is no released information about the buyer.
According to Heritage Auctions, the Action Comics No. 1 is "the most important comic ever published", and its issue "remains remarkably like" the variety still seen in comic books and in cinemas today.
"Meanwhile, Superman was written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Joe Shuster in the early 1930s and it has printed in several early appearances until Action Comics released the version most familiar with audiences today in June 1938," according to NBC.
Heritage's auction sold a total of more than $25 million worth of comics in a two-day bidding event. (Kleir Raymundo/ Radyo Natin Neationwide)

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