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Over 100 huskies escape from a Dog Café in China

["https:\/\/\/story.php\/49862","Over 100 huskies escape from a Dog Caf\u00e9 in China","RNNationwide"]
Photo from: Husky_friends/Douyin
About 100 husky dogs escaped from a pet café in a shopping mall in Shenzhen, China.
The funny and adorable incident went viral on a social media platform in China called Weibo, where it can be seen that over 100 huskies enjoyed their escape from the dog café.
According to the staff of "Haha Husky Cute Pets" café, one of them accidentally left the gate open, causing the escape of the hyper huskies.
Based on the South China Morning Post report, some huskies were seen roaming, howling, and snatching snacks from the shoppers.
After an hour, the staff gathered the 100 huskies to their café.
Meanwhile, the "Haha Husky Cute Pets" has over 100 playful huskies; those who want to visit can enjoy their company while sipping tea. Also, the café offers dog food which they can feed to the huskies. (Kleir Raymundo)

Last Modified: 2024-Jun-05 10.23.10 UTC+0800