Join Aliwan Fiesta on June 27-29, 2024

Aliwan Fiesta 2024 heats up with Tugtog ng Aliwan tilt

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The Aliwan Fiesta, the "festival of festivals," returns in all its glory on June 27 to 29, at the CCP Complex in Pasay City, with spectacular fiesta dances, a parade of Reyna ng Aliwan beauties, and a vibrant spectacle of music and dance in Tugtog ng Aliwan competition.
On June 29, homegrown musicians from the festival dance contingents will compete in performing their regional festival song blended with the Aliwan Fiesta theme song. The competition promises a vibrant display of musicality and showmanship, judged on criteria like arrangement, stage presence, and audience impact. Competing groups will vie for the top spot, with a grand prize of P100,000 up for grabs.
The festivities kick off on June 27 with the Pasakalye Concert featuring a star-studded lineup of artists including Dilaw, Ryssi Avila, Arthur Miguel, Yes My Love, and Auxbeat.
On June 28, the stage transforms for the Reyna ng Aliwan pageant, where beauty queens from across the Philippines will compete for the coveted title. Balladeer Daryl Ong serenades the audience and the queens.
The celebration culminates on June 29 with the Aliwan Fiesta Awarding Ceremony. Rapper Tom Taus and Rocksteddy will treat audiences to dynamic performances with high-energy beats and rock tunes, ensuring a memorable end to the festival.
Aliwan Fiesta 2024 is organized by the MBC Media Group (MMG) in partnership with the City of Pasay, the City of Manila and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The event is also supported by Pride, Unique, Smart, Star Wax, Shield, Charm, White Rose, Dunkin, Tanduay, Bingo Plus, MX3, Rexona, Sunsilk, Absolute, Summit, AICS and Bayview Hotel.

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