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Two vultures in Connecticut found unable to fly due to drunkenness

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Drunk vultures
Photo from: A Place Called Hope
An animal rescue group in Connecticut, U.S., found two vultures that could not fly, and had to rescue the birds because they thought they were seriously ill.
But after examining the birds, it was found out that the two were not sick but instead intoxicated.
According to a Facebook post of A Place Called Hope, the two vultures were looking for food in a garbage dump and ended up eating fermented food which caused them to experience "severe intoxication."
"Watertown Animal Control and all of us at APCH suspected the worst….We were all very confused until the details of their story fell into place, eventually confirming our suspicions after ruling everything else out," A Place Called Hope said in a Facebook post.
To detoxify the two vultures, A Place Called Hope treated the poor birds with liquid and fed them properly before releasing them back into the wild and their colony. (John Edmar David)

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