Tugstugan is an off-shoot program of Kulitan.
The word Tugstugan is a coined word derived from the Filipino term "tugtugan" which means jamming through music. "Tugs" came from "tugs, tugs, tugs", the beat of the music played during the program; the show features club music and party mixes, creating a "bar environment" on air.
The program is originally hosted solo by Cheska San Diego, but has eventually incorporated character voices of Tonton Tomato and Iyas Kamias- Radyo Natin Staff turned instant celebrities on-air!
Reflecting Cheska's witty attitude on radio, Iyaz and Tonton further took the listening habit of Radyo Natin patrons to a higher level.
Furthermore, these radio icons give out practical tips based on the latest trend, news or season of the year.
Since then, Thursday afternoons became a part of everybody's most-awaited weekend extravaganza. Late 2011, Tugstugan transferred schedule from Thursdays 3PM-5PM to Mondays and Thursdays 1PM-5PM.
Jauary 2013 when the program upgraded to "Tugstugan Nation". And as the title suggests, every Monday and Friday afternoon, the whole nation tunes in to one station.
From 2014, the program began airing daily, from three o'clock to five o'clock in the Afternoon, except during Wednesdays, Kulitan. Dj Maja Limuyak currently takes charge of the program.

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