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Budget friendly date ideas for Valentine's day

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Couple of days to go before Valentine's Day, do you have plans already?
Maybe you are thinking of having a reservation in a fancy restaurant, giving your date a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates? Whatever your Valentine's day date plan is, you don't need to spend too much. What matters is that you and your partner are going to enjoy each other's company, right?
Try to make it plain and simple but sweet. Couples sometimes enjoy simple dates than extravagant ones.
Here are some budget friendly date ideas that you and your "lovey dovey" are going to enjoy:
Watch cheesey movies together
It does not need to be in a movie house. You may watch it together in your own places or living room. Make a list of the romantic movies you both wanted to see. Buy some chips, popcorn and drinks which will only cause about P250 or less. Surely, it is very enjoyable to watch your favorite movies while munching.
Go to a book place
You may want to share each other's cheesey quotes from the books that you are reading. Give a small piece of chocolate to whoever gives the most 'nakakakilig' (sweet) quotes.
Cook a new dish together at home
Cook something that you and your partner love to eat. Or you may try cooking together a new dish. You may try pasta, nachos, salad or a foreign dish perhaps.
Eat on the street
If you are really on a small budget, then why not try the "tusok tusok", as Filipinos call most of street food. Banana-cue, fishball and kikiam can be extra special if you are with your partner. You may try doing it on a park with the stars on the sky to add a romantic feeling to it.
Go for combo meals or budget meals
If you and your partner really want to stroll and eat outside, then why not try the combo meals that some restaurants are offering. But expect a crowded environment in restaurants or fast food chains, for they too are celebrating valentine's day with their partners.
Post celebrate Heart's day
You may schedule your date, days after the Valentine's Day. It is very ideal for you if you are really out of budget, since Heart's is here in no time. If you choose to sked later, you can still buy some time preparing for your Valentine celebration. Not to mention you can also avoid large crowds flooding every date venue.
Play interactive games
Try out the latest video games or play the classic board games like snake and ladder, scrabble, chess , etc. You may also want eat some chips, cookies or peanuts, so that you can eat while playing.
Watch the sunset together
Romantic right? It feels like you and your partner is starring in a romantic movie. You may go to the nearest bay in your place or you may also try watching it in your veranda or rooftop. You may want to consider sharing a good cup of coffee, and cookies perhaps.
See, there are still a ton of ways of making your Valentine's day extra special. It doesn't have to be budget-ruining. Don't try to impress your partner with expensive gifts and extravagant set-ups. Just be realistic, sincere and simple; for sure he or she will really appreciate every effort you make.

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