Radyo Natin

Death toll rises to 84 in Mozambique tanker explosion

MAPUTO — The death toll in the fuel tanker explosion in Central Tete province, Mozambique, continues rising, with 4 more deaths reported in the last 24 hours that include a pregnant woman, Mozambican health authorities said on Tuesday.
There are currently more than 60 patients under medical treatment and the health authorities said that four in critical conditions were just submitted to surgeries to avoid complications.
Health authorities said that the patients are struggling with high temperatures in the treatment process.
Tete province, particular the district of Moatize where the incident occurred, is the hottest of the country, with temperature hitting a minimum of 37 degrees Celsius since the day of tragedy.
On Tuesday, temperatures rose to 42 degrees Celsius.
"To minimize the suffering of the patients, some people and institutions donated 38 unities of air-conditioners which have been installed at the infirmary where the victims were admitted." said Veronica de Deus from the provincial hospital.
The victims of the explosion have been isolated to avoid from contracting infections due to their critical conditions as treatments continue in Tete.
Nationwide solidarity initiatives continue to help minimizing pain of the victims and their relatives. In northern Cabo Delgado province, people are voluntarily donating blood to help the victims. (PNA)

Last Modified: 2021-Jul-22 19.29.05 UTC+0800