Radyo Natin

Dagupan mayor assures drive vs illegal fish pens continuing

DAGUPAN — The mayor here said the city government has not stopped addressing the problem of illegal fish pens in the rivers of Dagupan City since she came to office in 2013.
Mayor Belen Fernandez said under her administration, more than 600 illegal fish pens tolerated by the former city administration were already removed one by one by the Task Force Bantay Ilog under the Office of City Agriculturist.
She admitted that as compared to the situation before, the rivers of Dagupan are much cleaner now as many of the fish pens that proliferated in the past were already dismantled.
On top of that, fishermen are now harvesting a lot from the rivers than before when the fish pens were all over, the mayor said.
There are too many works that a mayor should attend to make the lives of his or her constituents better and can not just spend alone in removing fish pens which her critics wants to dictate on her to concentrate.
"I am the mayor of Dagupan City and I know better than them what is best for the people of Dagupan City," she said.
She admitted that the Task Force Bantay Ilog had to wait before a fisherman could harvest his fish stocked in pens to allow him to at least recover his investments because she knows that they spent money in their venture.
"So this is he reason the Task Force has to wait for few days before moving to tear down their nets if the owner of the fish pen fails to remove these," she said, adding as mayor she has to adopt compassion and be humanitarian," Fernandez explained.
To prove once more that she is addressing the problem of clearing rivers, Fernandez said the city government bought two backhoes, one of them long-armed, so that the rivers can be deepened.
These backhoes will be put on a barge so that even the heavily silted middle portions of the rivers will be dug and deepened. (PNA)

Last Modified: 2021-Jul-22 19.33.06 UTC+0800