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RadyoNatin.com updates website back-end

RadyoNatin.com is continuously being updated.
According to the back-end developer of RadyoNatin.com, the updates are necessary in order to make it easier for the writers and editors to add new and edit content on the website as well as introduce better security against hacking. With the introduction of the updates the developers hope that the visitors of the site won't notice the much change in the front end.
The developers also added that since no system could be as perfect as it could be, every once in a while, a bug may appear. They also wanted to ask the visitors to report any bug that they may encounter by sending an email at radyo.natin.postmaster@gmail.com with the subject "Bug Report" so the bug could be addressed.
Further, they said that the updates are also to keep up with the hacking attempts that the website has been experiencing regularly. They said that so far, the website has become resilient. One of the advantages of the back-end system that this site uses is the use of a third-party authentication system that also strives security and privacy.
They also wanted to apologize ahead to the visitors for the inconvenience the changes may cause but in spite of that, they are confident that the problems, in case they would appear, would be few and far between.

Last Modified: 2021-Nov-30 15.08.44 UTC+0800