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Diseases that you need to be wary of during this rainy season

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While rain after a hot and humid day can be a desirable thing; the fact cannot be denied that rain could bring in some rainy season diseases. During monsoons, our immune system is weakened. This results in many water-borne diseases.
In tropical countries such as the Philippines, particular diseases tend to spike up in cases during the rainy season. The stormy season has become unpredictable lately, so people need to prepare early. And with the world still in the middle of a pandemic, catching an illness during the rainy months is the last thing you want. A cold can worsen the respiratory effects of COVID-19, which may potentially put your life in danger.
Precaution has always been a better option than cure. It is important for all of us to stay aware and alert of the signs and symptoms of the diseases. This is why having knowledge about monsoon diseases is necessary.
Here are some common diseases which are prevalent during this season that one should be aware about:
Cold and Flu
The drastic fluctuation of temperature which happens during this rainy season makes the body susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks, resulting in cold and flu. This is the most common form of viral infection. Hence to protect the body, one should consume highly nutritious foods and strengthen immunity. By this, the body can fight germs by producing antibodies against the released toxins.
This is a bacterial infection that is transmitted from animals to humans. Cover any open bruises or cuts. These diseases usually spread through open wounds while walking through water-logged areas. Some symptoms include High fever, headache, muscle aches, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.
Malaria and monsoon go hand in hand. Clogged rainwater helps mosquitoes' breeding process. The spread of malaria can be prevented by keeping such clogged areas clean.
Dengue fever can be very painful and life-threatening. Mosquitoes are the same carriers of this dengue virus. Thus, keeping the body protected from any form of a mosquito bite can ensure safety.
This is a water-borne infection, caused by many strains of bacteria called Vibrio cholera. Cholera affects the gastrointestinal tract causing severe dehydration and diarrhea. Hence, drink boiled, treated or purified water can keep the germs at bay.
Stomach Infections
Stomach infections happen when you consume unhygienic food and liquid products. Gastroenteritis is one common stomach infection that occurs in this season. Drinking enough boiled water and home-cooked food is advised in this situation. Some symptoms include low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting or both, abdominal cramps, and diarrhoea.
Staying aware of these diseases can help you take precautionary measures even more carefully.
Fortunately, there is no concrete evidence that there remains a higher risk of a larger spread of Covid-19 during the monsoon season. However, you should still follow the safety protocols, stay safe, eat a healthy diet and keep yourself away from mosquito bites. If you are a family member, especially children, who suffer from any illness, do not take it lightly. Many symptoms can be misleading and need medical attention.(FCSC)

Last Modified: 2021-Jul-22 18.49.54 UTC+0800