Five reasons why you should wake-up at the same time every day

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Creating a habit of waking up and sleeping at the same time every day could be hard at first. However, you should also know that it has good benefits to your health, well-being, and productivity.
According to health experts, it will take about 40 days to form a habit, and once achieved, you should stick to it.
You can start a good habit by not hitting the snooze button every morning and trying your best to wake up at the same time. Select a specific wake-up time that you can follow every day even on weekends and avoid being too early with your usual pattern in the recent past days.
Meanwhile, here are the following benefits of waking up at the same time every day:
1. You will have a better digestion
Once you develop a constant wake-up time your circadian rhythm will keep your digestive system and metabolism in balance. Having enough sleep and a well-rested body can help your hormones and thyroid gland to function properly, which can trigger hunger and the enzymatic juices that aid in digestion, according to
A good cycle of digestion can promote regular bowel movements which have a direct effect on your mood and state of health. Being constipated can cause headaches, loss of appetite, slow metabolism, and indigestion.
2. You will feel more satisfied in life
A survey done by , showed that 65 percent of women and 74 percent of men held themselves to a strict wake-up time. The said data also said that those who wake up at the same time regularly reported "higher satisfaction in their personal lives, work lives, and finances."
3. It can improve our concentration and productivity
If your body is well-rested, this can stabilize your learning, memory, and concentration capabilities. Having a healthy routine can help to compartmentalize tasks that may cause you subconscious stress. Also having a schedule in doing your responsibilities can help you stay mentally focused, the said.
4. It can strengthen your immunity
Having consistent sleep hours and regular wake-up time play a vital role in your immunity. According to a study posted in, "sleep is considered an important modulator of the immune response. Thus, a lack of sleep can weaken immunity, increasing organism susceptibility to infection. For instance, shorter sleep durations are associated with a rise in suffering from the common cold."
5. It helps you feel less anxious
Having a good amount of sleep and better sleeping habits can help you to feel less anxious based on a study posted in
Also, waking up early every day can help you stay alert and have a better state of mind and body.
As stated above, creating a habit will take about 40 days in order to achieve. However, if you observe yourself having a hard time waking in the morning, it is recommended for you to be evaluated by a board-certified sleep specialist. This is to check if you have sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.
In general, whatever habit you are trying to accomplish, always take note that it is all about consistency and patience.

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