Radyo Natin

Ways to show encouragement in these trying times

When life gets tough, we need encouragement to keep us going. Everyone is dealing with a problem we don't know anything about, so do not judge and criticize immediately.
The world will be a better place if there will be more encouragers. Here's how:
• Offer them a prayer
Let them know that even though you don't talk to them often or no matter how far you are, you never forget to include them in your prayer. This is one of the most valuable gifts you can give someone nowadays because gifts are not always about expensive items wrapped in paper. Tell them that you include them in your prayer for the fast recovery of his/her sickness, to be hired in a company he/she applying for, or for the success of the small business of their family.
• Celebrate small wins
Send congratulatory messages or phone calls to a friend or relative for being promoted or simply even accomplishing a project or meeting the deadline which made him/her stay late at night for a week or two. Celebrate small or large victories and make it a part of your relationship.
• Reach them out
If you know someone who is struggling, hurting, or is depressed, ask them how you can help them. Strong people also need help.
• Boost their morale
Instead of humiliating them in front of other people, try to praise them for going the extra mile. Words are very powerful as they said, it can make or break an individual. Being acknowledged for the effort we've done cannot be replaced by any amount of money.
As said by Dave Willis, be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. By showing that you care and giving affirmation to the effort to be done by a person will boost his/her confidence to do more. Don't be reluctant to say, "I believe in you" because those simple words will go a long way and lift someone's spirit. (EB)

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