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6 signs that your body needs a rest day

As tough as a horse you think you might be, your body still needs some rest if you want to get faster, stronger, and more productive in life.
Without a doubt, life can be stressful, and sometimes we just need a break. Between work and social obligations, personal pressures, and lack of adequate sleep, our minds and bodies can definitely slow down. Thus, knowing the signs that our bodies are tired and need a break can help us give it the help it needs as soon as possible in order to start feeling more agile, fit, energized, and capable of moving through life's busy tasks.
When we need to rest, our body usually lets us know. Ignoring these signals will not stop the problem; it will actually make it worse.
So watch out for these signs that it's time to listen to your body and take a break.
1. Irritability
Working harder, especially in strength training and metabolic conditioning, can cause an alteration in hormones. More natural testosterone released into the bloodstream can cause us to be aggressive and irritable. If this is the case, your family and friends will probably also appreciate your rest day.
2. You're Not Sleeping Enough
Brandon Berman, a sleep expert says that if you don't get enough sleep, it can take a toll on your body and result in fatigue and muscle aches over time. "Sleep gives your body energy by allowing it to reset, recover, and rebuild; without sleep, your body is left feeling sluggish, depleted, and weak," Berman says. Aim to score between 7-9 hours nightly, as advised, for optimal recovery and restoration.
3. Changes in Appetite
Whether you find yourself needing to eat everything in sight or if you avoid any tempting sweet treats, appetite is always something to keep an eye on. Changes in appetite are also caused by hormonal changes that can occur when you increase the intensity of your workouts.
4. You feel more tired than usual
Being tired due to prolonged or intense physical or mental exertion is normal. What isn't normal is for the fatigue to continue day after day, all day long, from when you get up in the morning until bedtime.
5. You have a hard time concentrating
Whether it's from tiredness or some other factor, one of the early signs that we need a rest is not being able concentrate on the tasks in hand. Dreaming, multitasking, or procrastinating can be signs that our energy reserves are getting low.
6. You have trouble remembering information
Fatigue and stress can make it hard for you to remember the simplest of information. For example, forgetting things as simple as where you put the keys or not remembering to add a basic ingredient when you cook. Also getting confused about everyday things and always changing where you put things. All of this means you probably need a break. You need to reboot your mind.
It's natural for your body to need a break because it's hard to juggle a million things that we need to do in our daily lives.
Remember, if we don't stop our "machine" while there's still time, the machine will stop by itself. Stopping before it's too late is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of intelligence loving yourself, those who depend on you, and those who matter to you.

Last Modified: 2022-Jan-15 10.49.47 UTC+0800