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LJ Reyes, Paolo Contis' breakup: Netizens React to actress' revelation

Image source: LJ Reyes Official Facebook account
After LJ Reyes' confirmation to the public that her six-year relationship with Paolo Contis ended, netizens react on Twitter to show sympathy towards the actress.
In an episode of The Interviewer hosted by Boy Abunda, LJ revealed that their breakup was not mutual. She added that if it was mutual, the decision of parting ways must be agreed upon by both parties.
"It's difficult enough to see somebody that you trust, you love and you gave your whole life to, change," tearfully uttered on the interview.
Netizens reaction on the couple's separation filled the Twitter for its relatable situation of LJ.
Despite keeping quiet about the real reason of the split, LJ stated that she chose to speak out for the sake of her children.

Last Modified: 2021-Sep-17 18.18.54 UTC+0800