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A python shocks shoppers on a grocery store in Australia

Image source: Facebook/Hilary Leigh
A 10-foot python shocked the shoppers inside a grocery store in Australia, it was seen gliding from the store's spice shelf.
According to the Facebook post of Hilary Leigh, the huge snake was spotted in a Woolworths store in Glenorie, Sydney, Australia.
Another witness named Helaina Alati said in an interview that she was just doing some grocery shopping for their dinner when she saw the python at the store's spice section.
"It just wanted to say hello. Dozens of people must have walked past it," said Alati.
Alati was a former volunteer snake catcher and she helped the grocery in safely relocating the snake from the spice section to its more appropriate habitat in the wild.
Meanwhile, Alati said that the snake was not aggressive at all and it was not in a defensive position. "I'm used to seeing snakes in weird places, but I wouldn't expect it to be in a Woolworths," she added.

Last Modified: 2021-Sep-17 18.18.54 UTC+0800