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Mood-boosting colors to paint at home

Image source: Pixabay
As we welcome "Ber Months'', we are excited to rearrange our furniture, decorate our home with Christmas decor, and to repaint some areas of our house.
As a matter of fact, several studies suggest that colors have a significant effect on one's mood.
This pandemic has brought depression and anxiety to many individuals who are dealing and coping with the adversities of life.
Hence, painting your home with appropriate colors will be a good idea for you and your family.
Here are the lists of colors to try from:
Green is the color of nature and it symbolizes life, growth and prosperity. This color is suitable to use in your bedroom and working area which needs extended concentration, silence and privacy. Green helps to alleviate anxiety as well.
According to Allie Wilmoth, a residential interior designer in Wake Forest, North Carolina noted that aside from blue, green "creates a harmonious natural feel".
Blue allows us to feel calmed, relaxed, centered, and pleased which is said to be applied ideally in our bedroom or home office. Just like green, it induces silence and peace. This color can also aid lower blood pressure and clear the mind.
White represents cleanliness and purity. Although this color is considered to be high maintenance due to the fact that it is difficult to sustain, it is good for creating an illusion of small, limited, and dark spaces. It is best to apply to your wall or ceiling. Meanwhile, it is easy to match with other colors.
This bright color of the sun is often associated with optimism and joy. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, suggests using this color in dark rooms or areas that don't get enough light. This uplifting color is good to apply in the kitchen, living rooms, and entryways as it helps to increase energy.
Indeed, colors have associations with our emotions. Choosing the right color scheme to paint your home is hard, likewise, doing mix and match is harder. Now that you already know which color can boost your mood, I hope it gives you hope and satisfaction. (ERB)

Last Modified: 2021-Sep-17 18.18.54 UTC+0800