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4 reasons why he's not texting you back

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Ah, yes, the 'talking stage', a sweet-butterflies in my belly feeling where you feel that there might just be a genuine connection between the two of you, that finally, you might actually get into a serious relationship, well that's until he stops texting back.
Advice: Don't panic!
The most dangerous thing to do in situations like this is to assume the worst and panic. A guy may not be able to text you back for a variety of reasons. This is true especially considering the fact that boys communicate differently from girls.
To ease your worries here are some reasons by A New Mode why guys may not be able to respond to your messages:
1. Men are Not Good At Multi-Tasking
Women are good multitaskers, that's why we can juggle work, life, friends, personal care and still have the time of day to reply to our potential partner with little to no sweat.
However, men operate differently, especially those with demanding jobs. Men tend to focus on the task at hand and would prefer to accomplish one goal before shifting to the other. Once a task has been given men tend to get absorbed as if nothing else exists, and yes, that includes the most basic of replies.
According to several studies, men primarily gain their sense of self-worth depending on their ability to be "winners" while women gain their self-esteem through meaningful interpersonal relationships.
2. Men communicate differently than women do.
I once texted a guy I liked (who also seemed to like me back) that I was going out to grab dinner with friends and all throughout the night I was waiting for a reply that didn't come. The next day he slides into my text box and asks me how my night was just for me to get all clingy and reply if he was busy and why he didn't reply to my message — the answer; he felt that it didn't warrant a reply.
To women, a response is essential. Even a thumbs-up emoji is better than nothing, however, men don't quite feel the same way. If a guy feels that the conversation doesn't need a reply then they will stop responding. And to them, it's perfectly normal and they actually mean no harm by it.
Here's a little confession from 26-year-old Nate: "Girls expect a response even to texts that don't elicit a response. For instance, 'I'm going to watch a movie tonight' is not a text that NEEDS a response. A better text is, 'What movie should I watch?' If the guy doesn't respond then he probably is busy. If it's a pattern of behaviour, then he doesn't like you very much. Leave him."
3. He's Busy
Sometimes the answer to why he isn't texting back is the simplest. He's busy.
Just because you always got your phone at arms lent doesn't mean he does too. Sometimes things just pop up and a guy may not be able to text you back asap, and when he finally has free time to text you back his phone may have died due to low battery or he just simply took a long snooze.
When he doesn't respond, don't assume the worst and flood him with a series of texts like — "You still there?", "I saw you were online", "Just saw you posting a memeā€¦" Skip these panicky replies and focus on yourself instead. And if hours turn to days without him replying, remember, no reply is also a reply.
4. He's just not that into you
In an era where flowers are sent via text emoji it's pretty hard to tell whether or not someone really likes you or just likes your company.
If you've been talking to a guy for quite some time and he hasn't dropped any obvious hints, takes way too long to respond, leaves ambiguous replies then chances are he probably likes you, but maybe not in a relationship type of way.
If a guy likes you he will make it crystal clear. He won't leave you second-guessing.
And if he truly likes and wants to be serious then he will have the courage to ask you out and put a label on your partnership.

Since the dawn of texting, women have been asking the age-long question "is it really that hard to reply?" and the answer is — NO. It's not hard and it shouldn't be hard. So, if you feel like your talking stage may not lead into anything serious or is going down a path you would rather avoid then by all means you also have the right to not respond. Or better yet, make it clear that the cycle of ambiguous replies ends now because you deserve only the best treatment.

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