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Difficulty in expressing your love? Learn these 5 love language!

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"Love given" isn't always "love received" this is because we all have different love languages. One common relationship issue that we all face is the struggle to express our love in a way that our partner can understand and reciprocate.
Let me give you an example; a boy keeps buying his girlfriend gifts to show her how much he cares. However, the girl remains unhappy because despite receiving many beautiful items the boy fails to spend quality time with the girl. Ultimately, the girl feels unloved despite the efforts of the partner. This scenario is a perfect example of two partners with different love languages; one being quality time and the other being gift-giving.
According to Dr. Gary Chapman, counselor and author of The Five Love Languages, "the likelihood that your partner's love language is the same is unlikely. So, when couples have different primary languages, there are bound to be misunderstandings."
So in order to sustain a happy and healthy relationship, it is best to constantly study your partner and learn their love language.
Here are the five languages of love:
Words of Affirmation
Words of affirmation is a love language that's all about expressing your love through spoken words such as praise and appreciation. This means that your partner values good communication and may seek everyday texts, calls, or even just simple updates and 'how are you.' If your partner seeks words of affirmation make sure to shower them with kind words.
Quality Time
For this love languange, remember its quality over quantity. Meaning you have to be attentive to your partner when you are together, this includes putting away your cellphone, dropping some work matters, making eye contact, and attentive listening. Being focused on your partner makes them feel loved and appreciated as if even just for a few moments the world can revolve just between the two of you.
Physical Touch
We all crave physical affection and for those whose love language is physical touch, this means lots of hand-holding, kisses, and hugs. This type of love expression prefers physical expression over verbal compliments or gifts. So make sure to hold them warm and tight. The perfect date for this type of person may include a movie marathon where you get to snuggle for hours under the sheets for hours.
Acts of Service
Whether it be cooking, cleaning, shopping, or just helping them with the little things people whose love language are acts of service appreciate all efforts put by their partner. So, if this is your significant other's love language make sure to put in an extra effort to show them your love by offering them small acts of service. Tip: everyone loves a 10-minute foot massage.
Receiving Gifts
This type of love language may seem shallow to some but is actually very symbolic to others. If your partner interprets love through gift-giving this means they cherish all items given to them, may it be big or small. Also, this type of love language sees value in 'what' is given rather than 'how much' is given. People whose love language is receiving gifts often loves to splurge others too.
So if ever you've expressed love to someone and was faced with an unfavorable response do not be disheartened and learn their love language instead. After all, love is a lesson that takes forever to master, a sweet journey with a lifetime reward.

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