Radyo Natin
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Guilty or not guilty: Are you wasting much of your time on the internet?

In this digital age, many can relate that the internet is one of the major culprits in killing most of our time especially in the work-from-home set up that we have. You wouldn't notice, upon scrolling your social media accounts whether posting something on your timeline or stalking your friends, crushes and celebrity idols, several time has passed by already. Not to mention those tempting online shop applications and your favorite KDrama series you've downloaded to check out from time to time. Thus, we get distracted easily.
Therefore, we were not able to finish our task on-time because we felt unmotivated to engage in the real world. And we tend to neglect those important matters like interacting with family, friends and colleagues, working and exercising.
So, in order not to waste your time on the internet, do the following:
Stick to your online working hours
Let's say you start your work at 9am and finish it by 5pm, condition yourself that the said time frame is for work only. Through this, you will be able to develop a good habit of training yourself to have focus on your daily task.
In addition, try not to access unnecessary websites that are not related to your work. If you can't control yourself, you may use internet blockers like Leechblock and News Feed Eradicator For Facebook or StayFocusd. Those apps will help you to remain focused at work.
If you want to have a break in between, you may do so by having a short walk or drinking a glass of water.
Create a plan
Make it clear to yourself what you really want to achieve for the whole week. Have a "to do list" method which will serve as your guide for a day. Write down your goal so that you can review it at the end of the day if you are able to meet all those things. In order for you not to be overwhelmed, make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.
Engage in other activities
Brian Tracy, a well-known personal development guru said, the only way to eliminate the bad from your life is to add the good. Thus, if you want to have a more productive life, create a life outside of the internet by adding some activities that suit your interest. Something that will reinvigorate your spirit such as cooking or baking, swimming or even charity works.
Social media detox
Don't be bothered by missing out on social events that your friends are engaged with. Remember, you have your own life. Social media detox will benefit your physical and mental health. So, allot an hour or two even for a day if you wish to not to check your social media for your own good as it alleviates stress, enhances self-esteem and gains more free time.
Make your Wi-Fi accessibility limited
Make it a habit to turn off your internet connection by 10 or 11 in the evening so you will not be tempted to check your newsfeed beyond that time. One of the reasons why the majority of us sleep late is because the Wi-Fi is turned on 24/7.
Moreover, having limited access to your Wi-Fi and making it hard to reach will help you save time, money, and energy.
Building self-control and discipline is really challenging. As humans we have a tendency to be swayed by different temptations and distractions. Therefore, small commitments and sacrifices will increase your productivity. (EB)

Last Modified: 2021-Sep-17 18.18.54 UTC+0800