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Can't stop crying about your ex? Read this

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For the tenth time today, you find yourself crying. You want to stop but the pain won't let you.
You want to scream, shout, throw things and just release all your frustration but you can't. Instead, you keep it in and battle your emotions as best as you can. You stay strong not just for yourself but also for your family whom you don't want to worry.
And it's not just anger that you feel, it's also that longing of wanting to run back to the person who hurt you. That's because at the end of the day it wasn't all pain. There were good moments too. A time when you two laughed so hard your stomach ached, a time when small dates felt the best, a time when their smile was all you needed to fix a messy day, and a time when you thought that you finally found the one who you could grow old with. It wasn't all pain. There were also moments worth fighting for.
They say one of the hardest things to do in life is letting go of a love that you thought was real.
So if you feel stuck, if you feel heavy-hearted, if you feel like the world gave you wings just so it can rip them right off, it's ok. Your feelings are valid. But only because you're down doesn't mean you should stay down.
You're meant to keep fighting. And you, my dear, are the strongest fighter of all. So cry it all out, fall down and stand back up, take small continuous steps.
His/her lack of appreciation is not a reflection of your worth. You are so valuable. You showered them with love, loyalty, and encouragement. You strived for perfection because you wanted to be the best for them. You wore your heart on your sleeve. You gave it everything you got. You loved so hard until it hurt.
You are more than enough and never doubt that.
And here's a little reminder from someone who's finally healed: You're not broken; you're just outgrowing a version of you that was delivered to the wrong person.
The right one will come and they won't leave you second-guessing. With the right person, everything will be easier, you won't have to explain yourself a million times, you won't have to beg, you won't feel second-best. You'll be loved just the way you're supposed to be loved.
Soon you too will bask in the sun, tears will dry and you'll be happy again.
Claim it.

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