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4 ways on how to take a break from social media

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is very stressful to always scroll on our social media. It's also very saddening to see a lot of our friends on social media losing their loved ones due to COVID-19 or other type of illnesses
It's like one minute you are okay and happy but after scrolling on your Facebook or Twitter for a few minutes, you will feel stressed and down with all the bad news that is happening around the world.
That is why it is very essential for us to have social media detox from time to have a break from all the sad things that are happening around us. This gives you enough time to reconnect with the things that should matter which are your family, mental health, and your hobbies.
In fact, a study posted in healthline.com showed that those who limit their screen time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for only 10 minutes per app per day have displayed decreased feeling of loneliness and depression over three weeks compare to those who used social media freely.
Here are the following ways in having limited social media time every day, according to wikihow.com :
1. Make a specific schedule on how long you will take a break from social media. It is up to you on how long or short you want to spend off from social media. It could be 24 hours or more.
2. Choose what social media apps you want to take a break from. You may temporarily delete or uninstall some of the apps that you don't want to use.
3. Inform your friends that you will be limiting your social media time and let them know on how they can contact you just in case they need to talk to you.
4. After finishing your social media detox time frame. Try to develop a schedule that will help you in permanently limiting your social media use. Create a specific time for social media every day such as having it only for 1.5 hours daily.
While you are under social media detox, it could be helpful if you make time to reconnect with your friends outside social media. You may call or text them and ask them how they are.
It is also important to remind yourself why you are taking a break from social media. There could be a lot of reasons for doing it such as you don't want to see any negative news, or you are feeling sad about the bad things that are happening around the world.
Being on a social media break from time to time can benefit your mental health. It is not wrong to have a pause from the things that overwhelm us.

Last Modified: 2021-Sep-17 18.18.54 UTC+0800