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Spilling a secret because you unknowingly talk in your sleep? Take note of these

Have you witnessed someone; your brother, sister or perhaps your partner do sleep talking in the middle of the night speaking mumbo jumbo? Then if you would ask him/her, he or she is totally unaware of what he/she really spilled out and won't even remember it the next day; well, he or she might be experiencing somniloquy.
Somniloquy is a sleep disorder that is actually known as sleep talking although this is considered harmless, there are still negative effects that we need to know.
Ori Leslau, founder at Kally Sleep said, sleep talking is a kind of parasomnia, an abnormal behaviour during sleep.
Healthline.com stressed that sleep talking may be associated with genes. Thus, if you have parents who are sleep talkers, you have a chance of being one too. It is also noted that this commonly occurs among children ages three to ten and in men.
The triggering factor in sleep talking as mentioned are:
- Sickness like fever
- Alcohol consumption
- Stress
- Mental health conditions like depression and
- Sleep deprivation
Moreover, individuals are at high risk to talk in their sleep especially if they have sleep disorders and with a history of sleepwalking, sleep apnea and nightmares.
On the other hand, treatment for sleep talking has not yet been established. But if your relative or partner is bothered because you consistently talk a lot when you're asleep, you may seek help from a sleep expert. He or she will help you manage your condition and recommend how to get adequate sleep and rest at night.
Experts also suggest that lifestyle modification will address sleep talking such as:
- Limit or avoid alcohol consumption
- Do not eat heavy meals close to bedtime
- Have a regular sleep schedule with nighttime rituals to condition yourself as well as your brain into sleep
If your roommate cannot stand long and his/her sleep has been interrupted because you mumble every night, separate bedrooms are suggested, or let your roommate wear earplugs.
On the other hand, according to Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight's sleep expert, meditating or reading before you sleep can help resolve the problem.
Anyone of us may experience sleep talking at any time. As said earlier, this is not a serious problem and in most cases, it may go away on its own then will just reoccur after several years. But if you feel that your sleep talking is associated with another more serious sleep disorder or linked with other underlying conditions, set an appointment with your doctor for your safety and peace of mind as well. (ERB)

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