Small town in Colorado appeals for return of its stolen phone booth

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Image source: screenshot from Next9NEWS | Youtube
A phone booth that has been a centerpiece for a public park in Colorado town for almost five decades has been stolen.
That is why residents of Cope in Colorado are appealing for the return of the missing phone booth that served as a major landmark in the town for almost 56 people for about 50 years.
"We counted it up last night. We have about 56 people that reside in the town of Cope," longtime resident Vickie Cecil said.
According to the residents, the phone booth was originally placed outside of a Conoco gas station, and it became an attractive feature of Memorial Park when the said station was shut.
The said booth has no phone service; however, it served as background for travelers who want to take photos, said residents.
Meanwhile, they have also reported the said incident to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.
Lanny Payne, president of the Cope Recreation Club said that for them the phone booth is a significant piece of their town history. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2022-Apr-10 23.00.00 UTC+0800