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4 challenges students face with distance learning

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to move to virtual learning, an adjustment for many who are accustomed to in-person classes. A recent study found that many Filipino students are still struggling in terms of learner control amid the shift to online learning due to the pandemic.
The shift to online classes, self-learning modules and television and radio programs has proven extremely challenging in a country of 108 million people where less than a fifth of households have internet access and many lack mobile devices.
Whether you call it remote learning, online learning, or distance learning, school looks different during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some students are thriving with this way of learning, many students have been struggling to cope with the new normal schooling.
Here are some of the most common challenges students are currently facing with online learning.
Technical Issues
Unfortunately, experts say, technical issues are bound to happen in an online-only environment. Many students are not provided with the high bandwidth or the strong internet connection that online courses require, and thus fail to catch up with their virtual classmates:
Their weak monitors make it hard to follow the Course Management System and their learning experience becomes problematic.
Time Management
Time management is perhaps the most difficult challenge for students to overcome because it depends entirely on self-motivation. Students need to be serious about their education, learn how to manage time and set their daily schedule, and learn to study when they want to do something else.
Unfortunately, students who lack the self-control and motivation find it difficult to keep to a self-imposed pace. In these cases, it's vital for the students' parents to monitor their progress, especially at the onset. If students can form a habit of setting their own schedules, it becomes much more likely they'll succeed in their classes.
Social Interaction
One of the most often mentioned conditions of online, virtual education is that students have little to no face-to-face interaction with others. Online students may feel isolation or loneliness outside the traditional high school environment.
Staying Motivated
Given that students may not be attending class at a set time on a physical campus, finding the motivation to get started on coursework can be difficult. After enrolling in distance learning courses, many learners fall behind and nurture the idea of giving up, as difficulties in handling a technological medium also seem insurmountable. Students need to find the motivation to follow the new educational trends and also properly equip themselves for future challenges in their education and careers.
COVID-19 has changed the world permanently. These challenges are only a few that students face during digital learning. Although students have been dramatically affected by this crisis, learning to be adaptable is an important part of life.
There will be technical issues, and it's important to realize you aren't the only one with this problem. Just keep in mind that education is one of the keys to success. (FCSC)

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