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Five ways to help lengthen our patience

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The pandemic has tested us in all aspects — physically, emotionally, and financially. And another test many of us had to face was the test of patience.
Don't get me wrong, being home with your family is the best but it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes our family members can get in our nerves too, especially when you tell them for the hundredth time to drop their dirty clothes in the basket and not on the floor, constantly reminding them to clean their own dish instead of pilling it up, and relentlessly teaching them to be more independent as you cannot care for them 24/7.
Every day our patience is tested. Some days it stretches for eternity and other days it's as short as a toothpick. But as we strive to be a better version of ourselves we take time to learn how to be more patient towards others as everyone is fighting a battle they choose not to speak about.
According to Health Cleveland Clinic, here are several things you can try to become a more patient person.
1. Practice accepting your current circumstance.
One key to being a more patient person is accepting the present situation while also striving to create a better future. So whether you're stuck in a busy commute or feeling burnt out from a job remind yourself that although you are facing these predicaments you are also working towards a better tomorrow.
2. When you're feeling rushed, consciously slow down.
With technology making everything and anything accessible and fast it's no surprise we prize speed. However, there is also value in taking time to finish things. We don't always have to rush to finish things as doing so may lead to a a burnout. Slow down a bit and try to find the beauty in the now.
3. Let it feel broken.
There will come a time when we have to let things be broken, whether it's a work project, a friendship, or something that's literally broken in your home. We don't have to rush to fix things. Take a breathe and step back a little. Give yourself time to understand the real scoop of things.
4. Practice being a good listener.
Being a good listener doesn't only mean communicating, but also comprehending what the other has to say. Misunderstanding happens when we listen to respond and not to understand. Listen to what your family member or friend has to say and listen to it with an open mind and heart.
5. Be playful.
No matter what age you are there is always a child within you and it's okay to let the inner kid out. It makes us happier and more patient. And as the saying goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
So whether you're an adult, a teenager, or a kid, one thing is true. We all have silent cries and battles. So let's learn to be more patient towards each other's needs.
Rest and be someone's rest. (FDE)

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