Manila, QC report dip in Covid-19 cases

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MANILA – The cities of Manila and Quezon, both in the National Capital Region, reported a decrease in coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infections.
As of noontime Monday, Manila has 999 active Covid-19 cases after reporting 132 new active cases – a 10.24 percent decrease a week ago when there were 1,113 active infections.
There were also 166 new recoveries that brought the total number to 84,773.
Sampaloc remained on top with the most active cases at 314, followed by Tondo 1 with 97, and San Andres with 94.
On Sunday, Quezon City posted a 24.3 percent dip in active cases over a similar one-week period.
From 9,089 active cases on October 3, the total was down to 6,884 on October 10.
Barangay Batasan Hills has the most number of active infections at 310, followed by Commonwealth and Culiat (243 each), and Pasong Tamo (240). (PNA)

Last Modified: 2022-Apr-10 23.00.00 UTC+0800