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Coldplay & BTS' 'My Universe' ranks first at Billboard Hot 100

Image source: Coldplay | Instagram
Coldplay and BTS are hitting the ground running with their single "My Universe" topping the Billboard Hot 100.
The song's success makes this the sixth time that BTS reached the number one spot at the Hot 100, and the second for Coldplay since their 2008 chart-topping hit, "Viva La Vida.
The collaboration between the English pop-rock band and the Korean supergroup features an intergalactic music video where music has been forbidden.
Many of the shots for the two bands were filmed separately and were only brought together through CGI, tons of green screens, and visual effects.
In their behind-the-scenes video, BTS' RM revealed that Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin made the track in many cities.
"He did come to Seoul like two months ago, three months ago and recorded this, all the gang and our vocal parts together. The overall story of this video will totally convey and deliver the vibe and message of the song," said RM.

Last Modified: 2021-Oct-18 21.17.24 UTC+0800