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Don't be in a hurry. Adulting is not easy.

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Adulting is not about shopping, party, travel and being a happy go lucky individual. Some people might misinterpret that once you hit this age you have all the freedom to do whatever you want.
Adulthood is a stage of life which is full of excitement because new doors are open for you to go out of your comfort zone, to experience new adventures, to meet new people and build relationships with. At the same time, you cannot deny the fact that it is overwhelming because responsibilities are on the other side. You need to take care of yourself, to work hard, to earn money, to pay your bills, and to do household chores. But these facts should not drag you down. This is just the reality of life that you should embrace with grace.
Here are some tips to be a responsible adult:
Prioritize sleep
As an adult, you need to have a work-life balance. You need to spend at least 8-10 hours a day in the office striving to have a successful future. But of course, you don't want to set aside your social life. However, your health should not be compromised because your body is not the same as you were in your teenage years. That is why do not deprive yourself of a good quality sleep. It will keep you refreshed and energized the following day.
Pay yourself first
Finally, you are earning and don't need to ask for money from your parents. You can buy and eat whatever you want. You may go wherever your feet bring you. Add-to-cart and place-your-order nowadays are so easy but, before you spend on stuff that is not so essential, allot some amount for your savings and investments first. The goal is to ensure that you are insured and your future is secured. Don't be hesitant about this because you will benefit from this in the long run.
Prepare your own meal
Sooner or later you will move out from your parents' home and you will miss the time that someone is cooking a meal for you. That is why it is important to learn how to cook a decent and healthy meal to avoid relying on fast food restaurants. You may ask the recipe from your parents or try to search it online. YouTube will give you a variety of videos on how to prepare a certain menu from simple to gourmet-level.
Figure out your politics
As we are at the onset of election season, it is vital to know your candidates who deserve your vote. As part of being a responsible adult is to have a political stand as it reflects your values, principle and conviction. But it does not necessarily require you to be an activist and have a regular intellectual post on social media. Nevertheless, it will help you discern who and what type of a leader should be in order to make progress and make our country an ideal place to live in.
Make quality time
Life is short. Time goes by so fast, especially when we are having fun. Spend it with the people who are dear to you; family, friends and to your partner of course. Making new memories, sharing stories and laughter will be the best treasure that you can always keep. Either it is a simple lunch out or movie marathon, anything that the weather and situation permits.
Learn the art of letting go
Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes, all we need to do is let things go even if it means people who once occupied a special place in our hearts. Letting go is hard because there is an attachment involved but sometimes we need to get rid of things, situations or people without resentment in order for us to grow. So, don't allow the past to burden you, let go and let God.
As you move forward, you will realize that adulting is hard but it is a chapter of your life that you cannot escape from. You don't need to perfect it, just enjoy the process and take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve to become a better version of yourself. Don't be easily swayed away by peer pressure, just do your thing which you think is right and make you happy. (ERB)

Last Modified: 2021-Oct-18 21.17.24 UTC+0800