Radyo Natin Nationwide

Radyo Natin launches new logo design

Radyo Natin with more than 100 hundred stations nationwide is refreshing its logo design together with all the networks of Manila Broadcasting Company. As the company embraces change that radio is no longer just "on-air", but "online" and "on-ground" the network welcomes a new logo that symbolizes a new era in the field of broadcasting.
Compared to the original design, the new logo has a more curvy signal icon and a new imagery of strong signals that symbolize its reach across the nation.
The newly introduced logo not only shows three signal arches that symbolize Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, but also hint at concentric circles — representing community, reach, and the sunrise. The Wi-Fi signal represents the strength of Radyo Natin of having more reliable connection and further engagement with audiences with social media platforms.
Whereas, the vibrant blue shape follows the curve of the signal icon in the new logo design, creates a unique shape. The red banner ties the whole logo together. It mimics the sense of urgency from live broadcasts while proudly stating that Radyo Natin has a nationwide reach.
To complement the bold logo, the typeface chosen for the brand name font with strong geometric. The softness allows Radyo Natin to maintain its brand personality of being approachable and relatable in each area.
Furthermore, the three main colors of the brand are Radyo Natin-Blue, Nationwide-Red, and Signal-Yellow. Blue represents the reliability and trustworthiness of the network's contents. Red embodies the power of a wide range network with more than a hundred stations nationwide. Yellow symbolizes the joy and warmth of the community that Radyo Natin fosters.
Indeed, Radyo Natin's newer and improved image ought to provide better service to the Philippines, together with Manila Broadcasting company, "kasama mo sa pagbabalita at kasiyahan sa inyong komunidad! Sama-sama Tayo, Pilipino!" (MDA)

Last Modified: 2021-Nov-30 15.08.44 UTC+0800