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4 ways to deal with stress eating

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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you getting stressed and pressured thinking about the incoming expenses for the food and gifts including the monthly bills and schedules? Hence, you turn to food to comfort you which most of the time becomes unhealthy because you indulge in high-calorie, sweet and fatty foods.
Therefore, emotional eating can sabotage your diet and goal in achieving a healthy body and mind.
But don't worry, here are the tips that you can try practicing whenever negative emotions creep in and invite you to emotional eating.
Keep a food diary
This will serve as a tracking record of what you eat, the quantity of your food, time and day of your eating, and your emotion during that certain period. In due time, you will notice a pattern that will show the relation of your food to your mood.
Get a support system
Remember, you can count on your family and friends whenever you're facing difficulties and challenges. They will help you solve problems and offer solutions. Lack of support groups will lead you to emotional eating.
Manage your stress
You may do deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation to help you calm down. Moreover, physical exercise such as walking, dancing, gardening, and cleaning can help you reduce stress.
Choose a healthy snack
If you are triggered to eat in between meals, better to snack on some nutritious food like fruits and veggies with low-fat dip to satisfy your cravings. Do not deprive yourself to eat as you will only crave more.
Food is good as it is the source of energy for our body. But everything that is too much can harm you especially if it lacks in nutrition value. Many people experience emotional eating but it does not mean that we should give in. If this condition cannot be controlled, it is recommended to seek professional help. (ERB)

Last Modified: 2021-Dec-02 05.42.09 UTC+0800