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Japanese authorities arrest man who forced his cat to swim in a bathtub

Image from: Pixabay
Police officers in Japan arrested a 59-years-old man who recorded a video of his cat while forcing it to swim in a bathtub.
According to the police in Japan's Aichi Prefecture, the man who is unemployed recorded a video of his cat being forced to swim and had it uploaded on social media.
Masatoshi Hosono from Nagoya who denies his wrong actions violated animal protection law since it is known that cats do not enjoy the water, the police said.
The investigation against Hosono occurred after a person reported him to the Aichi police last October after seeing Hosono's post on social media.
Meanwhile, an animal welfare group in Japan urged the Aichi Police to pursue criminal charges against Hosono this November.
The cat is currently staying with an acquaintance of Hosono while he is facing criminal charges.

Last Modified: 2021-Dec-02 05.42.09 UTC+0800