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Listen: 'Monster' by Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber

Image from: shawnmendes | Instagram
Shawn Mendes together with Justin Bieber made a beautiful ensemble as they collaborated for the very first time on the track "Monster".
The song is the second single from Mendes' 'Wonder' album where he poured his anger on the constraints brought about being a celebrity.
"At first I was writing it out of angst of being a celebrity. You know, feeling like my life was being watched all the time. As I grew it became more about like this idea of perfection is not real. it's like you just have to surrender and kind of let go and be and love yourself," Mendes said in a YouTube Live with co-artist Justin.
"That pedestal is not only what society puts us on, it's what I put myself on," he added.
Upon its debut, the song quickly landed a spot at the Billboard Hot 100, ranking at number 8 ranking in its first week.
Meanwhile, Bieber shared on Vevo Footnotes that he quickly agreed to the collab as soon as he heard the song. "Emotionally, this song is deep-rooted. Both of us being put on a pedestal at a very young age, and having [to live up to] expectations of being perfect," the singer said.
"I hope people feel that the need to be perfect is hurtful, and the pressure we put on each other and on ourselves to never mess up is unfair and inhuman," said Mendes "We all mess up, we all trip and fall. That is to be human. Let's help each other up instead of tearing each other down."

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