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Police arrests man in Nigeria for trying to auction himself for $50,000

Image from: Aliyu Idris | Facebook
Islamic religious police in Nigeria have recently arrested a 26-year-old man for trying to put himself up for sale with a fee of 20 million Nigerian naira or $49,000.
Aliyu Idris was seen in the local news last October, holding a placard that says "this man is for sale, 20,000,000N" in Karo City, northern Nigeria wherein Idris was immediately arrested by the morality police after the said incident.
"We arrested him for putting himself up for sale, which is illegal under Islamic law," said Lawal Ibrahim Fagge, a spokesman for the religious police called Hisbah.
Idris explained that the decision to sell himself was due to "excruciating poverty."
"I plan to give my parents 10 million naira when I eventually get a buyer, pay five million naira as tax to the government, give two million naira to anyone who helped me get a buyer, and keep the remaining for daily upkeep," he added.
Meanwhile, Idris, who is a tailor, was released a day after his arrest and informed the public that he was not mistreated by the Hisbah and they only gave him a piece of advice and preached the word of God. (KBAPI)

Last Modified: 2021-Dec-02 05.42.09 UTC+0800