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Generic medicine use in SoCot urged

KORONADAL CITY – A group of pharmacists on Tuesday urged the public not to hesitate to buy generic medicines after their branded counterparts became scarce following the destruction left behind by Typhoon Odette.
Speaking on behalf of the South Cotabato Pharmacist Association, its president Minette Serbo lamented how some people refuse to switch medicine brands despite their advice.
"For example, there is still enough supply of Nasatera and Nasatapp in the market but most of our customers still prefer Neozep," Serbo said in an interview on Tuesday.
Local pharmacies are out of stock of some brands of medicines like Neozep, Biogesic, Bioflu, Decolgen, Symdex, Tuseran, and Solmux.
Most of the medicine brands are manufactured by Unilab Laboratories.
Citing information from the supervisor of Unilab, Serbo clarified that there is no shortage of medicine supply but rather bad weather due to "Odette" has delayed the delivery of their products two weeks ago.
Serbo said the bulk of branded medicine supplies is set to arrive on Wednesday and would be distributed immediately in the market by local suppliers.
"My assurance to the public is for them not to worry because we have no shortage in supplies of medicine, there was only a delay in shipping because of typhoon Odette," she said. (PNA)

Last Modified: 2022-Jan-05 11.41.50 UTC+0800