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How to spot fake medicine

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As we welcomed 2022, many were surprised to hear that the medicine paracetamol was allegedly running out in the market amid the flu season and the ongoing pandemic. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), however, assured that there is no shortage of supply and cautioned the public against panic buying. Despite this, some say that they still experienced difficulty in purchasing the said item.
In times like this, some opportunists will take advantage of the situation by selling drugs at a higher price or by selling counterfeited drugs. So remember to be wary.
According to the one big pharmaceutical company in the country, here are the things that you need to consider in identifying if your medicine is fake or authentic.
Tablet color
The drug is more likely fake if the color is brighter or paler than usual. They noted that the color of a certain paracetamol and the engraving should be seen as how it appears in advertisements.
The World Health Organization also stressed that physical damage should be looked out for such as the cracks and chips in the tablets, discoloration of the capsule shell, hardening or softening of the product.
Product pocket
The paracetamol is fake if there is a bigger cavity and more space. The authentic tablet should have a well-fit cavity and should not be movable when you shake it.
You may notice the pattern at the back, if it is dotted, then more likely, the medicine is counterfeited. The pattern of a real medicine should have a diamond pattern.
Foil color
It is said that the foil has a standard color. If the foil is lighter or darker compared to the standard then it is fake.
Watermark seal
If the Unilab seal is clearly visible and appears in grey or white color that is counterfeited. This is because according to Unilab their seal is rendered in watermark and can only be seen from certain angles.
Another point to ponder, in purchasing medicines or vitamins, it is important to go directly and buy from reputable drugstores. This way your chance of being swindled is lesser. In addition, as a consumer, you should carefully inspect the product and packaging for possible tampering.
Medicines should be taken to address our health problems but if we ingest fake tablets, we may suffer from untoward side effects of it resulting in harm to our lives or our loved ones. (ERB)

Last Modified: 2022-Jan-12 17.00.44 UTC+0800