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NCR on 'severe' Covid-19 outbreak: OCTA

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Image from: PNA (File photo)
MANILA – The OCTA Research Group on Tuesday described the Covid-19 situation in the National Capital Region (NCR) a "severe outbreak", with the average daily attack rate (ADAR) rising to 89.42 percent from January 4 to 10.
In its latest report, the OCTA Research Group said NCR's current ADAR is above the threshold for a severe outbreak which is greater than 75 per 100,000 individuals per day.
The region's ADAR for the week of Dec. 28, 2021 to Jan. 3, 2022 was only 12.71.
Its recent seven-day positivity rate increased to 48 percent from 20 percent for the previous week.
Positivity rate is the percentage of Covid-19 tests performed which turned out positive in a certain area or region.
"The reproduction number or the number of individuals a Covid-19 case could infect with the virus has decreased from 5.65 to 5.22 which indicates the trend slowed down slightly," the OCTA said.
It added the hospital bed occupancy in the NCR has increased to 57 percent from 27 percent in the previous week and is likely to exceed 70 percent next week.
With all metrics cited, the NCR is classified as very high risk for Covid-19. (PNA)

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