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Givēon turns pain into poetry with song 'Heartbreak Anniversary'

Image from: giveon | Instagram
Turning pain into poetry is a talent that American R&B singer-songwriter Givēon has mastered.
His hit track "Heartbreak Anniversary" resonated to many fans around the globe given that it has been streamed hundreds of millions of times across multiple music platforms.
The song pens a melancholy story of getting over a former flame and the sting left by a breakup even after 365 days has passed.
In a Genius interview, the singer revealed that the song was inspired from a real heartbreak that he experienced.
"I walked in the studio and I heard this and I was like, 'this sounds like an I got my heart broke a year ago song,' and I keep feeling that pain when it comes around," said Givēon.
"What would that anniversary look like if all the things you bought like chocolates, flowers – if it's just been sitting there for a year collecting dust in a corner," Givēon added, "The imagery I got in my head was withered flowers, deflated balloons, and like stale chocolates. Every time this [day] comes around, I feel a little sting."
Having to let go of someone you once shared your heart with is an experience that both makes and breaks us. However, despite the pain, Giveon remind his listeners there is no perfect formula for moving on and that time will eventually heal all wounds.
"There is really no remedy to move on from a heart break and get someone out of your head. You kinda just really got to let time pass and it'll eventually heal itself," the singer said.

Last Modified: 2022-Jan-12 17.31.39 UTC+0800