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Children in Canada receive Guinness Record for creating the world's longest chain of paper snowflakes

Image from: Guinness World Records
The Earth Rangers, a kids' conservation organization in Canada was able to collect 2,190 paper snowflakes which made them have the world's longest chain of paper snowflakes.
According to Guinness World Records, "the chain, made of 2,190 six-sided snowflakes, measured 403.66 m (1.324.34 ft) and was unveiled in an inspiring art display at the Toronto Zoo's polar bear exhibit."
The conservation group that has hundreds of children across Canada that is raising awareness about climate change said that they asked children to write "their concerns and fears about the state of the environment to their hopes and bright ideas for the future on the paper snowflakes."
Meanwhile, the Earth Rangers was able to collect 2,190 paper snowflakes from children.
"These snowflakes represent a part of the population that deserve to have their voices heard: our children. While many adults might see the climate crisis as insurmountable, kids know this isn't an option. It is crucial that they feel hopeful that we can face any challenge, even one as big as climate change, if we work together," said Tovah Barocas, president of Earth Rangers.
"The Earth Rangers Foundation is a kids' conservation organization whose mission is to create a generation of conservationists. They want to instill environmental knowledge and the confidence to take action in every child in Canada," according to Guinness World Records. (KBAPI)

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