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3 Types of people you need to befriend within the company

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In a day, we normally spend our lives eight hours or more in the office. We see different faces and hear familiar names every now and then. So, it is better to make friends with other people even if they are not part of our department.
One of the advantages of being friendly is that additional opportunities will present to you. This is because they see that you know how to carry yourself and you know how to get along with others.
On the other hand, if you like the people in your surroundings, the more chances that you will stay in that company. If we are working in the same company yet different department, technically we are one big family. Thus, we should not treat others as strangers. We may have different worlds and concerns in our daily activity but still whenever we have the chance we greet them, give a smile and make friends with them.
Here are the types of people that we should be friends with:
Human Resources (HR)
Maybe some employees are trying to avoid the HR department because of the connotation that they will only see what is wrong with you such as not wearing proper uniform or ID, your hair color, or even your haircut. But did you know that it is good to make friends with them because they primarily know what is going on with the organization, the hiring and firing of employees and the upcoming events.
Also, if you have a problem with your colleague or anyone within the organization, they are able to address it and take appropriate actions.
Information Technology (IT)
If you shy away from approaching them because most of the time they are all boys and you are worried that they might not treat you right, don't worry they don't eat humans. IT people are knowledgeable and responsible for the architecture, hardware, software, and networking of computers in the company. So, they will be a big help for you to get your work done as you need access to the internet, different sites, download a particular software, or to troubleshoot your computer.
Security Guards and Custodial Staff
Every individual has an important role in our lives. It does not mean that because they belong to the blue-collar jobs, we should treat them less.
Do not underestimate the capability of SG because they also know a lot as they monitor the people coming and going out in the company and keenly observe the actions of every being. They also know when the last crime happened nearby and other maintenance issues in the building. In short, they are human CCTV's.
They can also keep you from your stalker whenever they are around.
Meanwhile, janitors and janitress may assist you in giving extra tissue or soap whenever you need, sanitizing the cubicle and pantry.
Being Ms. or Mr. Congeniality will not harm you if you only know your limitations and act accordingly. To be friends with almost everyone in the company you are working for will make your task easier and faster because you know that you have the right kind of support system. But do not neglect the fact that it is not the quantity of friends we have, at the end of the day what really matters is the quality.
In addition, making friends with them must be real. You choose them because you see that there is the possibility that you will click, you have a commonality in other aspects like you are both a graduate from this school, came from this province, KPOP fan or what. You choose them because you see something good in them, not because of what they can offer in your life. (ERB)

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