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Bending till you break; Listen to Jamie Miller's breakthrough song 'Here's Your Perfect'

Photo screen captured from: Jamie Miller | YouTube
As impossible as it is, we've all tried our best to be the perfect partner for our significant other.
But sadly, no matter how hard we try mistakes reminds us that we are only human and that we can only bend so much 'till we break.
Singer-songwriter Jamie Miller hit homerun as he expressed the crushing weight of having to let go of a lover in his hit song "Here's Your Perfect".
According to Miller the song was inspired from a true heartache after moving from London to Los Angeles. The heartbreak chorus goes: "I'm the first to say that I'm not perfect and you're the first to say you want the best thing, but now I know a perfect way to let you go. Give my last hello, hope it's worth it. Here's your perfect."
In a TikTok video Miller explained that he wrote the song "about not being good enough for the person you love and then trying to change for it."
Miller also later on described "Here's Your Perfect" as the most heartbreaking track he had written. Since its release the song has garnered millions of streams across multiple platforms.
The young artist has also captured the attention of some of music industry's top idols including Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, and Jennifer Hudson.
In an interview with OG, Miller comforted his listeners by saying that "Perfect is being yourself. Perfect to me is living your life not being afraid of anybody's judgements. Living you life believing in your dreams, like living your life that you don't have to change for anybody but be the best version of you."

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