5 Practical tips in decluttering your home

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Another year has passed and it is time to arrange your stuff. Make a verdict of which is still added a value to your life or not.
Decluttering has never been easy for many of us because of the attachment we have to a particular thing. Some items have a sentimental value for us because they were given by a special person on a special occasion and so on and so forth. Thus, we find it difficult to get rid of it even if we know that it already serves its purpose and is no longer beneficial to us.
Hence, here are some ways on how to clean your space:
1. Ask yourself the following questions such as: Do I use this often? Do I really need this? Is this important and beneficial to my current lifestyle? If all your answers are "no" then no doubt, it is time to let go of all those things.
2. Categorize your things and label each container as waste materials, recycling bin, for repair, and donations.
3. Pull out those expired items in your bathroom or cabinets like sunscreen protection, hand and body lotion, make up, etc. Even those expired snacks, sauce and seasonings in the pantry.
4. Track the pieces of your clothing. Check which garments don't fit your body and lifestyle anymore. Be honest with yourself, it will help you to remove any which you have been worn out several times that you already want to dispose. You may begin with all those clothes hanging in your closet. Then, the next hour or day, scan those clothes being folded to avoid being overwhelmed by so many things to arrange.
5. Practice paperless. Avoid printing several copies of documents in order not to accumulate trash and to save Mother Earth. Shred all documents that are no longer needed such as billings, receipts and newspapers that are obsolete since it has been six months old or more already.
Do not regret it if you need to remove lots of old things in your home as there are several things you can do with it. Either you throw it out if you think no one can use it anymore or you can donate it to the victims of calamity if you think someone may need it. For that simple act, you help them and make them happy as well. Another reason is that you can sell it if it is still in good condition. This way, you are making profit and creating space for new items that really matter to your life. Moreover, you are also giving a fresh look to your living space. (ERB)

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