Aksyon Radyo

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Aksyon Radyo
Aksyon Radyo is a radio network that focuses its news/talk format on provincial AM stations in key cities using their dialects. Its flagship station is DYRC in Cebu City.
The origins of Aksyon Radyo can be traced to the original DYRC, first known as KYRC in 1929 by the Radio Corporation of the Philippines, then was sold to Isaac Beck. In 1940, the Heacock Company bought KZRC.
After World War II, the Elzalde family bought all Heacock stations and signals the birth of Manila Broadcasting Company. KZRC became DYRC after Philippine independence. DYRC was the pioneered AM station in Cebu until the 1990s, when the existed DYRC becomes a full-time affiliate of flagship station in Manila, DZRH; and spins off the "new" DYRC/Radio Cebu together with all local AM stations under MBC as "Aksyon Radyo."

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